Patient Participation Group

Patient Participation Group

What we do

The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a group of volunteers who are patients of MMC working in collaboration with GPs and surgery staff to:

  •   Contribute to the continuous improvement of local healthcare services
  •   Foster improved communication between the practice and patients
  •   Provide practical support to implement change at a practice level
  • Respond to developments in local NHS provision

    How we work

    We hold regular meetings with representatives of PPG where concerns and ideas are discussed so that improvements can be put in place to improve patient health and experience.

    Currently the practice has 8 active PPG members and arranging the meeting on quarterly basis.  When social distancing measures are in force these meetings are held “virtually” using Zoom.

    How to join us

    We are always pleased to have new members who are willing to contribute to the group to achieve a common objective.

    To join, please call the practice on 0121-4490122 or email on

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